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These food innovations address policy developments, including food planning, subsidies, taxing, certificates and labelling.Click on a category below to display related innovations:
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Living Lab Athens

Environmental education for young people
Student engagement in food innovation
Zero-waste school network, Attica, Greece
Community-based green education and sustainable business acceleration

Living Lab Avignon

Low-cost supermarket supporting vulnerable groups with fresh & quality food
Organic vegetable producer cooperative
Public procurement platform linking local buyers and suppliers

Living Lab Bari

Training facility for disadvantaged young people to enter the catering sector
Promotion of sustainable development and organic agriculture in the local region,
Ruvo di Puglia-Bitono
Supporting local authorities in planning activities surrounding food and social issues

Living Lab Berlin

Initiative for inclusion of regional and organic food in public school catering

Living Brasov

Aggregation of small and local producers' products to jointly access the market and connect with consumers
Food Trails with gastronomic points: local farmhouses offering homemade food products,
Vama Buzaului
Integration of local products into the public procurement for the kindergarten meals
 Living Labs with stakeholders to support local food innovations and disseminate good practices, supporting urban-rural connections
Educating young people in kindergartens and schools on healthy diets, local food and climate impacts
Assisting and training local farmers in professionalizing farming practices and preserving gastronomic heritage,
Tinutul Barsei

Living Copenhagen

A network of chefs, restaurant owners and academics to face challenges of the restaurant industry and the community
An online platform to connect food producers and citizens
A food community to strengthen the connection between the city and its hinterlands
A development environment for food entrepreneurs and SMEs for food experiences, food production and collaboration
A community project to support small scale producers and farmers in Denmark and Skåne (Sweden) by organizing local farmers markets
A community for changing traditional food systems towards a more sustainable way of producing and eating

Living Ostend

A park for social gatherings and Community-Supported Agriculture