The Wroclaw 'Accessible Food Gardens' Lab focuses on strengthening the innovation potential of the local sustainable food system through 10 Food Innovations:
Use of traditional apple varieties to offer a soft-drink alternative for large-scale monocultures in
Plant-based yoghurt production
A short-supply market for local artisan food products
A network of places for sharing food surpluses and reducing food waste
Volunteer-based collection of leftover fruits and vegetables from wholesalers for redistribution to people in need
Educational resource teaching children and adults about the process of making honey and the importance of bees
Grassroots initiative of local farmers and consumers for access to good quality, local food on a weekly basis
An open community garden for training on garden architecture, ecology, gardening and local history
An innovative restaurant using local ingredients and artisan products to show the potential of vegetarian and vegan food
A community permaculture garden for barbecues, picnics, art exhibitions, workshop and outdoor sports