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Welcome to Job Creation!The transition towards sustainable food systems is not just an environmental necessity, but also a potent engine for job creation. As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our relationship with food and work, a growing demand for local, healthy, and sustainable produce coincides with a workforce yearning for fulfilling, flexible employment opportunities. As jobs in the conventional food sector become increasingly precarious due to automation, there's a burgeoning need for skilled labour within local and sustainable food supply chains. These roles not only provide employment but also align with the growing social and environmental motivations of job seekers. In this context, platforms such as the Sustainable Food Job Platform can play a crucial role. They bridge the gap between demand and supply, connect employers and potential employees, and respond to evolving sectoral trends, effectively stimulating job creation and aiding the transition towards resilient, sustainable food systems.

Job Creation Tool Template

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FoodSHIFT 2030 Deliverable
University of Milan, Italy

Job Creation in FoodSHIFT 2030 Cities

You can read about selected cities (or living labs as we call them) below to find out how each city region is supporting job creation in the food sector:
Focus on informing citizens through links to producers & catering, promoting the city's food strategy and job matching to combat poverty  
Focus on promoting urban-rural cooperation and procurement for public canteens & schools, and capacity building in upcycled food
Focus on informing citizens on promoting local products, "Food Vision Young People",  professionalisation of small producers and sustainable restaurants of the future