Within the FoodSHIFT 2030 project, nine cities took on the challenge to establish FoodSHIFT living labs. They are based on the quadruple helix approach, engaging stakeholders from the private, public, voluntary and academic sector. Each of these open innovation living labs tackles a different focus and aspect of the food system. This allows for a Europe-wide exploration of socially and culturally diverse themes.Additionally, various fellow cities were recruited during the project to create space for multilateral exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience.Explore below the stories of the nine city regions and the various fellow cities to learn more about the food system transition, tips and learnings from each city region.

FoodSHIFT 2030 Cities

Open School Lab

Focus on schools as sites of food experience and food system transformation

Regional Lunch for All Lab

Focus on public procurement as a driver for a more regional, sustainable and healthy food system 

Food Tech 3.0 Lab

Focus on solutions for local production in future cities 

Back to Land Lab

Focus on sustainable land use and food chain strategies for young entrepreneurs building on social innovation in food systems

Food Hub Lab

Focus on the innovation hub 'Food Life Centre'  for sustainable regional food supply based on a decentralisation concept for food distribution and education 

Interactive Food Lab

Focus on integrating traditional and local producers into an innovative and ambitious regional food system 

Kitchen of Tomorrow Lab

Focus on public procurement and professional kitchens for a sustainable regional food system, including rural and coastal areas

City Agro-Park Lab

Focus on the operationalisation of an agricultural park 

Accessible Food Gardens Lab

Focus on strengthening the innovation potential of the local sustainable food 

Fellow Cities

Bordeaux Métropole

Creating a more sustainable and local food system through a multi-actor Food Policy Council


Co-creating a sustainable local food system 


Creating a more sustainable and local food systemCOMING SOON