This Transition Toolkit offers user-oriented support for stakeholders in understanding, stimulating and measuring the transition of their local food systems. Deriving from work undertaken by the EU FoodSHIFT 2030 project the toolkit allows to navigate food innovation cases according to various search criteria, to access knowledge items and tools as well as explore city stories providing valuable insights for regional dimensions of the nine participating cities (Living Labs).

What are food systems?

The supply chains, stakeholders, (natural) resources and infrastructure that get food onto our plates

What are food innovations?

Stakeholders working towards a sustainable food system (e.g., entrepreneurs & community projects)

What is Food System Transition?

The process of reaching a sustainable food system

What are Living Labs?
Local stakeholders who have joined forces to innovate & stimulate change in their local context

Innovation Cases

We have collected 90 examples for food system innovation across Europe. You can search for the innovation of your interest either by innovation type or by city below.
Explore innovations by city:
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Knowledge Base

A food system transition is essential for a sustainable future. Explore the background materials, methods and practices tried and tested in FoodSHIFT 2030 to impact any of the four crucial food system transition areas below to find guidance on how you can make a change in your own local food system or explore the content types through the different categories!
Explore by Transition Area
Explore by Content Type
How to improve our local food system governance?
How do our food system innovations relate to sustainability?

Background and conceptual information about food systems, transition and innovation

Action-oriented resources to stimulate, support and assess food system transition

How to create job opportunities in our food system? 
How to involve local citizens in our food system transition?

Policy-oriented examples, best practices and strategies to inspire and guide you in the development of food system policies. 

Webinars and innovation briefs on food system transition and innovation.

City Stories

Find out how the nine FoodSHIFT 2030 city regions and additional fellow cities are supporting their food system transition and find inspiration for your own local city.Below you can explore the stories of all the cities:
FoodSHIFT 2030 Cities
Fellow Cities